Arte e Parchi APS

Via Rismondo 47 Rometta Fivizzano(MS)

The association Arte e Parchi APS organizes an initiative composed of several events to promote the beauty of our landscape through the figurative arts.
Our office is located in front of Piazza dei Parchi ss63 accanto alla stazione di Fivizzano - Rometta- Soliera.

The project "Pittoresco!" is organized with the collaboration with Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park, Alpi Apuane Regional Park, Cinque Terre National Park and the municipality of Fivizzano.


Association for Social Promotion.
We are a non-profit association run by volunteers and governed by the Third Sector Code.
No. Not only painters there are also sculptors, art lovers and local entrepreneurs.

There are two reason;
First, the participants can monitor better the progress and the correct management of the competition. We would like to involve the participants to improve the project "Pittoresco!"
Secondo, to avoid the tax on partecipation fee.
We remind you that the member can withdraw from association at any time by written communication.

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